Winter wedding photographer

A winter wedding photographer’s guide to what to expect in terms of your wedding photography during your winter wedding and how we can work together to get the most and the loveliest wedding images.

I shoot many winter weddings, and although many wedding photographers loathe winter weddings, in my experience they provide an opportunity to get some stunning shots.

Yes, we are limited to the amount of available light, here in the UK it starts to get dark at around 3:00 – 3:30pm during December, so if you are planning a ceremony at 3pm, then by the time you are married it will be dark.  Which means that we’ll probably not be able to use the venue’s grounds for formal groups as well as your portraits.

What I don’t do during my winter weddings is to flood the venue with artificial light, as this completely destroys the feel and ambiance of your wedding venue.  Instead, I rely on my equipment, which can handle low light situations and my experience in photographing many a winter wedding.

If your wedding photography is an important aspect of your wedding, I would suggest that you look to getting an earlier ceremony, say 1pm, which would mean that you’d both be married by 1:30pm, giving you a few hours to mingle and for us to get some lovely images.

Or, how about a proper pre-wedding shoot?  And by that, I mean a secret couple’s shoot before the wedding, like my lovely clients Rich and Fran did when they got married at Lanwades Hall, in December 2019.  They didn’t follow tradition, and where happy to get dressed into their wedding clothes a little earlier for their photo shoot.  Rich, handsome as ever, waited patiently in whilst Fran elegantly walked up behind him, tapped him on the shoulder and he turned to see her, for the first time in her wedding dress.  The images were priceless!  Just for your info:  That old tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony isn’t even a western tradition.

And if it gets dark, then your shots will look atmospheric (think fairy lights, think roaring fires… think Christmas decorations in the background).  We WILL get images, I promise, and we may even get creative and include a very tiny amount of off camera lighting to ensure that you get as many artistic images as we can.

And of course we could team these images up with a pre-wedding shoot photographed in the spring or summer too.

However we approach your winter wedding, you’ll end up with a lovely collection of winter wedding photographs that tell the entire story of your wedding, from start to the very end.

For more winter wedding adventures taken by or winter wedding photographer, visit our journal page.

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