One of the very best questions to ask your wedding photographer is regarding the style of wedding photography that they do. Lately, unless you shot ‘reportage’ then you’d be loosing out as a wedding photographer.

Then there’s the really ‘fun’, angled modern wedding images… Which are great, but let’s talk about these in twenty years time.

Overly filtered ‘We LOVE Instagram’ style, is awesome(sorry for using that word), but I think less is much more with this style – although I do have a gorgeous gallery with a very BoHo feel, shot at the wonderful South Farm, Cambridge.  Oh, I should mention that you can follow me  on Instagram- What? Of course I’m on Instagram… 😉

The thing is that the traditional style of wedding photography is traditional for a reason.

It looks good throughout the ages.  Remember, your wedding album is part of your history, a legacy that will get passed around your kids, maybe even grandkids.  They will laugh at your hairstyle, they won’t believe what their dad or grandad was wearing on his wedding day… But the one thing they won’t be able to snigger at is the quality and style of your wedding pictures.  They’ll see your wedding day unfold infant of them.

You see, I firmly believe that your wedding coverage, the wedding photographs that you end up with should reflect you and your amazing wedding perfectly.  I feel that the images should be a huge stylish mixtureof candid, reportage wedding images, mixed with contemporary editorial styIe photos, some still life detail shots as well as some really fun shots.

Your wedding images have to tell the story of your entire day, in a way that when your great, great grandkids flick through your album, they too feel some of the emotion that you felt generation before them.

But I am happy to say that I do shoot traditional wedding images, but that doesn’t mean that they are or look boring.  You see, I always load up more images onto your gallery than I should.  The first will have you all looking at the camera… But it’s the second shot that will have you all laughing, smiling and remembering what was said seconds before I photographed the shot.

So here’s a nod to fashionable fads, let’s hold a glass up to the instant Instagram feel, because there will always be a little room for one or two wedding images with a traditional, timeless look.

This post is dedicated to a guest from a recent wedding, Auntie Mary.  Because your family are so glad that you were happy to stand there for just one more group shot.  It’s a shot that they will treasure and just one more tiny little reason why you’ll continue to be remembered.