Why there's still a place for

Black and White Wedding Photography

Black and white wedding photography

I’ll photograph your wedding in full, vibrant colour!  But just sometimes, when I press the shutter button and your image is taken, I instantly know that image was always going to be in black and white, and that’s why I love black and white wedding photography.

Oh I’ve been a wedding photographer for a very long time.  And at the start of my career, I would shoot around 120 – 140 images per wedding on film (now I shoot around 2000 images per wedding).

And if I wanted a black and white wedding image, I would have to change the film in my camera to a black and white film, then I’d only get ten shots out of that roll.  Wedding photography back then, was hard and a much slower process.  But, it was a good training.  It taught you to slow the process down, to think and make every shot be an important shot.  A skill I carry forward into my wedding photography now.

Which is why as part of the wedding photography service I provide, you’ll get a full colour gallery as well as a separate gallery containing a selection of around 50 images in black and white.  

Think of it as your arty wedding highlights gallery.

There’s something that is timeless, elegantly artistic about a black and white wedding image.  Yes, your wedding will be full of colour, yet the right wedding image in expertly processed in black and white highlights the emotion and can capture the feel more than in colour.

You’ll get a collection of elegant, beautiful black and white images that you’ll be proud to show for the rest of your lives.  And that’s why I firmly believe that in an age of instant imaging, pinching to shrink and enlarge, and swiping through endless filters, black and white wedding photographs still rock!

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The geeky stuff:  I use Lightroom to process my wedding images, and then convert them in Nic Software’s Silver Effex.  Each image takes about 5 minutes to convert before I walk away from the image.   Once converted, the image gets sent back to Lightroom.  For more info about my workflow and camera’s used, visit the Just For Photographers section on my site.