Here’s our super short wedding photography studio introduction movie, featuring me (sorry about that).

Now, despite my previous career as an award winning actor, film extra, I often say that I do have a face for radio.  I am really not at all comfortable being in front of a camera.  Which is why I have spent the last 25 years hiding behind a camera.

But recently, I had to postpone so many initial wedding consultations.  And I absolutely love meeting my potential clients at my studio.

So, I thought I’d do a quick wedding photography studio introduction movie.  Just really to say hello, in person, and to introduce you all to my wedding photography services.

It is so important to meet and discuss your wedding plans with your photographer – I honestly believe that.  More than any of your wedding suppliers, your photographer will be there from the start to almost the end of your wedding day.  It’s also very important that you tell them what YOU both want from your wedding photographer.  I mean, it’s not like some wedding photographers can be Divas!

I hope you enjoy our studio intro movie.  As I said, it’s really there for you to meet me (virtually for now) and to look through some of my favourite images.

We are constantly working to improve our service to you, for example have you seen our gorgeous new wedding photography client gallery portal?

So if you are considering  wedding photographers, do get in touch and eve though may not be able to meet in person to discuss your plans, we can have a telephone meeting or even meet over Zoom.

To find out a little more about our wedding photography service, simply click here.  Or if you are planning to have a pre-wedding shoot, the you may find this article helpful.

As always, if you have any questions or would like to book your initial wedding consultation, simply get in contact using the form below.


Every wedding is unique, which is why everything I do is tailored to you both. Come and visit my studio... or let's have a chat on the phone and find out what you want from your wedding photography.

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