How to survive the wedding photography  group shots

Here’s how we tackle the ‘not-so formal’, formal wedding photography group shots so that you don’t spend ages in front of the camera.

I photographt a lot of weddings throughout the UK and abroad, and I am one of the few wedding photographers that that still believe that there is a place for the formal group shots.

But only If they are done quickly and look relaxed, and fun.  So, I have gotten this whole process of photographing the group shots down to a tee.  Which means that we get some lovely, relaxed wedding photographs, without you spending ages in front of the camera.

Love them or loath them, the wedding photography group shots are still requested at a wedding, and these shots can become incredibly important later on in life.  But I always tell my bride and grooms to try and limit the formals to about ten groups (this usually takes 30 – 40 minutes, depending on how much champagne has flowed).  But you CAN have as many as you want, remember though, you’ll both be in every single shot, so make things easy for yourselves.

We’ll work together on your formal group shot list, and if you can supply a list as per the example below, I can crack on and get these done quickly for you.

Wedding photography Group Shot List Example:

Bride + Groom + family member (name) + name + name + name

Bride + Groom + Stags (names….)

Bride + Groom + Hens (names…)

Don’t worry about the groups of you and your bridal party as I’ll do those any way.

Next, it would be really helpful if you could assign a grown up to help get these people together.  That way we can efficiently get your group shots taken and you can get on with celebrating your big day.

I’ll have a wedding group shot list printed up and we can ‘assign’ some groomsmen to the task, although no one really listens to groomsmen, so we may enlist a bridesmaid too.

My aim is to also photograph as many of your family and friends in naturally forming groups throughout your day.  So please don’t worry about trying to get everyone into a group shot, as I’ll do my best to photograph family and friends.

And finally, a little word on the full cast and crew groups shot (the full wedding group shot),   if you want a shot with everyone in it, we can do this.  But in my experience, they take a long time to do, and hardly ever look neat and tidy.

It’s up to you and what you want from your photography and we can discuss this during your wedding photography consultation.

So, if you’d like to book your free, no pressure wedding photography consultation, simply get in contact using the form below.

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