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Initial Wedding Photography Consultation – What to expect

I’ve often said that I think wedding photographers are the oddest of all your wedding suppliers.

But I also often say that you HAVE to meet your wedding photographer before booking them.

Which is why I invite all my potential clients to an initial wedding photography consultation, usually at my studio, which is based just outside of St. Ives in Cambridgeshire.  And here’s what you should expect from our initial wedding photography consultation.

Firstly, what you won’t get is a hard sell, or made to feel pressured into booking me there and then.  I simply do not work in this way and if any of your suppliers make you feel pressured into buying, booking or signing up, then look elsewhere.  in fact during our initial consultation, I will encourage you to go and meet with other wedding photographers.  Hopefully, you’ll come back and book with me, but sometimes things just don’t work out so you must go and see what others offer.

So, I like demanding clients.  This is YOUR wedding so I urge you to be as demanding as you need to be, I hope you’ll bring loads of ideas and lots of questions to our initial meeting.

During our initial wedding photography consultation, I will explain how I shoot and I’d see your wedding coverage being done.  However, this IS your wedding, so everything I do is tailored to your requirements.  So never be afraid to disagree or to suggest a different approach.

Expect to have a clear understanding of how much your wedding photography will cost – and I will also explain exactly what you will be receiving in terms of service and products, and all of this will be backed up with an email as well as in your contracts, should you decide to book me.

During our consultation, I’d like you to look at examples of my work and examples of albums.  Again, this is not a hard sell, but an opportunity for me to show you how I work, and for you to see if you like the style of photography I do.  Obviously, it’s lovely for you to say how much you like the images 🙂 but more importantly for me, I’d like you to tell me what you don’t like about the photography.  I only get one chance to photograph your big day, so I need to have a clear understanding about what you like and don’t like.

I’ll be taking lots of notes during our meeting, and I’ll be encouraging you to ask lots of questions.  Although we’ll cover lots of info during the consultation, I’d love it for  you to contact me (regardless of whether you book or not), should you have any other questions.

A of course, expect refreshments… nice frothy coffees, a huge selection of herbal teas, or depending on what time we meet, it could even be a chilled glass of wine or an impromptu G&T.

But above all, expect honestly from me, expect professionalism and expect me to be as excited about your wedding day as you guys are.

Booking your initial wedding photography consultation

I hold initial consultations at my studio near St. Ives, and can meet most week days, Monday, Wednesday and some Friday  evenings.  I can also meet during some Saturdays and Sundays.

All you have to do is let me know which days work best and I’ll email over a few possible dates.

For more info on wedding photography, click my wedding photography service page.

To book your initial wedding photography consultation, simply click here.



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