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Wedding Photographer Near Me

Don’t just search for a ‘Wedding Photographer Near Me’, and let me tell you why.

Okay, so the reason for this short article is to introduce my services to you and discuss the locations I cover.  I get lots of searches to my site by people searching for a wedding photographer near me.  And I also get lots of more interesting searches for my services.

But it’s other purpose is also to explain that if you simply search for a Photographer Near Me, you may be limiting yourselves and missing out on discovering other photographers.

I’m Juan Muino and I’ve been a professional wedding photographer in and around Cambridgeshire, London, Suffolk and Norfolk for over 20 years.  I also undertake a limited amount of gorgeous destination weddings too.  You can find out about my wedding photography services here.  Or get in contact using the form below should you have any questions.

Why Shouldn’t I Just Search For A Wedding Photographer Near Me?

Well you can search for wedding photographers near me, if you simply need a wedding photographer near you.  The truth is that you should be searching for more specific styles and services.  If all you care about is finding a photographer that’s based near you, then this is your best search term.  However, google will know where you are anyways and will bring up wedding photographers that situated or based close to you anyway.

I live in a tiny village in Cambridgeshire, there are about three other wedding photographers in a five mile radius.  If you were to simply search for a wedding photographer near me, then you would get these results.  And that may be perfect for you.  However, if have specific requirements or you are after a specific look for your wedding photography, then you should search using different terms as well.

So What Other Things Should I Search For?

Remember, most photographers travel a few miles for their weddings, so don’t just limit your search to your immediate vicinity.

If your wedding is having a boho vibe to it, or you really want natural wedding images then these terms should be on the top of your search list.  But you could also trying to search for emotive wedding photography or classic or traditional wedding photography.

The point is that you shouldn’t just limit yourself to the nearest services to you.  By being specific in your search, not just for your photographer but for all your suppliers, then you’ll get the wedding you’ve always dreamt off.

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Every wedding is unique, which is why everything I do is tailored to you both. Come and visit my studio... or let's have a chat on the phone and find out what you want from your wedding photography.

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