Of course you can view your wedding images on screens and phones.

But something truly lovely happens when you pass your wedding album to a friend and they open the covers and look through your wedding images.

Our wedding albums are designed to tell the complete story of your wedding day, so that you can share your wedding images beautifully.

Wedding albums

Designed just for you.

We design amazing wedding albums that are sure to impress and show your wedding images off perfectly!

You can also get parent albums, which make the most perfect gifts.

Wedding album in blue with USB

Your custom designed Legacy Box opens to reveal a beautifully bound 30cm x 30cm wedding album as well as a complementing USB memory stick holding all your wedding images in full resolution.  All incased in a gorgeous display box.

With a huge choice of covers in contemporary colours, and bespoke page design, your album will be as individual as your wedding.

Here’s what’s included:

  • The Legacy Box Wedding Album
  • A choice of either a 20cm x 20cm or 30cm x 30cm elegantly bound, quality wedding album
  • Bespoke wedding album page design, with up to four revisions
  • A Complementing USB stick containing all your edited wedding images
  • Laser etching or UV printing on the box and album cover

Wedding Album Pricing


The Legacy Box

Complete presentation including:
Legacy Box & Matching USB (8GB)
30 x 30cm Album (30 pages)
Huge choice of covers
Additional spreads available



Wedding Album only

Legacy Wedding Album
30 x 30cm Album (30 pages)
Huge choice of covers
Additional spreads available up to 30 (60 pages)
Make ideal parent books.

Everything you need to know about our wedding albums.

How many pictures can we have in our wedding album?

I usually say between 80 - 120 images.

But, you can have as many pictures included within your album as you would like. But... I try and design wedding albums with a mix of full page spread images as well as pages containing lots of smaller images.

Wedding albums look their very best with a mix of page designs. So, I try not to design with lots of pages with tonnes of tiny images on.

We can increased the amount of pages and do some clever things with the design to ensure we get the most amount of images into your bespoke album.

What cover options do you have?

This will be the most boring email I ever send you! Because there are loads of cover options for your wedding album. From linen to leatherette and a lots of colour combos, everything about our album design and finishing is designed to be as unique as your day.

Click here for wedding cover options

Do get in contact and let's have a chat about your wedding.

Do you do parent books?

YES! And parent books make the most perfect gifts. Click here for information on our parent wedding albums as well as other lovely ways to present your wedding images.

Do get in contact and let's have a chat about your wedding.

Any questions?

We'd love to hear from you!

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