February 16, 2013 /

Today I lost my shadow.


Ten years ago our orderly lives were turned upside down.  Elsa, our Hungarian Wire haired Viszla, came to stay.

And although I wasn’t at all keen on having a dog, it took about three minutes before I was absolutely besotted by her…and she new it.

Although Elsa was a ‘family’ dog, she soon became MY dog.

At ten years of age, it was clear that she was beginning to feel her age.  She’d gladly forgo a long walk in the rain, for a cuddle in front of the tv watching Question Time with me.  However, she still had the agility, the speed and the stamina to go chase the squirrels and play with every ball she could find in the garden.

On January the 18th, 2013, we began to move home.  In all the commotion and the chaos a gate was left open, and on this day of ALL days, Elsa broke the only rule we had for her and went out for a wander on her own.  She was hit by a car; I knew instantly that something had happened as the busy road outside of our home fell silent.  I found her on the road.  I can’t begin to express the feelings that hit me when I saw Elsa lying on the road lifting her head as I called for her.

Despite the vet’s very best efforts Fiona and I decided to say goodbye to our Elsa.

Our new home is slowly taking shape.  George, our other Vizsla, has settled in really well, especially as he has a new best friend to share his life with.  But our home has something missing and it’s going to take a very long time before we get used to watching question Time without my shadow.


I’m SO so so sorry to read about your dog. Mine passed away this year too and I am heart broken.