Here are five things grooms should avoid.

As I have recently celebrated yet another birthday and I’m feeling a little older, I thought I’d look back at my many years of attending weddings and share with you the top five things that grooms should avoid before their wedding.

So, if you were planning to do at least three of the things on this list, then please reconsider…seriously, your lovely bride will thank you for it and so will the photographer, not to mention your new mother in-law.

Number one:  Grooms Avoid Cigars

Unless you smoke fine cigars regularly, I would strongly recommend you don’t start smoking on the morning of your wedding day, worse still at the church.  Quite simply, it is one of the easiest ways to induce vomiting I know.  Cigar smoke + nerves (+ the night before) = really embarrassing photographs, or much MUCH worse.  I’ve seen two grooms turn green, sweat and almost pass out because they thought that smoking a Montecristo would look cool.  It doesn’t.

Number two:  The night before

Celebrating your forthcoming wedding in style is a must, however does it REALLY have to be done on the night before?  I am always amazed that grooms still insist on having a stag night the night before the wedding.  Personally, I would suggest you re-schedule for at least a week before the big day.  Turn up on the day in style, looking your best and without a hang over and heart palpitations, after all your bride made the effort.

Number three:  Ink

I was a guest at a wedding where the groom was taken very ill, hours before the ceremony.  Not alcohol induced, not nerves…but the beginnings of blood poisoning.  He and the best man celebrated the stag night with a ‘cheeky’ tattoo.  The groom’s got infected a few days before.  The 1st Responder crew were brilliant; say no more.

Number four:  Rush

You’re going to be stressed, you’re going to be nervous and you’re going to have a lot to do…seriously, allow enough time for yourself, I am sorry if this sounds patronising.  Tell the best man that you want to allow time, not only to gather your thoughts but to make sure you don’t look stressed/rushed/sweaty.  Max, my last groom was quietly sitting at the church waiting for the ceremony to begin.  He seemed content, he seemed relaxed and he seemed completely at ease, which was the opposite to most of the grooms I meet.  He’d planned his day with military precision (he was an ex-officer).  I commented on the fact that he seemed so content;  his exact word were ‘it’s easy to feel relaxed when you know that you are marrying the right woman’.  The best line from a groom ever.

Number five:  The speech

Rehearse the speech days weeks before the big day.  You don’t want to be homing your speech writing talents on the morning of your wedding.  Nerves do very odd things, they can magically make you think that something is really funny, when it’s not.  I’ve heard a few speeches in my time, and I’ve also died with the groom a few times too.  The most memorable ones are those that are polished, come from the heart (insult few people) and end just as you wish there was more.

And here are FIVE things you should do!

  • Get the best man to carry some mints… if not, come and see me as I always carry them.
  • Take a hankie (not a napkin).  Of course you’re not going to shed a tear, it’s for every one else.
  • Touch her bum – when I’m shooting you and your bride, gently place your hand on the small of her back, not around the waist.  The shots look nicer that way.
  • Hold her hand…sounds silly, I know.  But she’s nervous too, and just taking a second out to find her and hold her hand will mean a great deal to your new wife.  Trust me on ths one.
  • And I tell all my bride and grooms this…take time out to enjoy your wedding day.  Trust me, it will fly by.

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