We get soon excited with new wedding photography products and ways to share your wedding images!  And we are so excited to finally launch our latest product, The Legacy Box.

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If you are looking for an elegant way to present, and archive your wedding images for generations to come, then the Legacy Box has it all.

It’s extremely high quality, beautifully designed, and contains all your wedding images in one place.

I have fallen in love with this product!

But before I could start sharing it with my clients, I needed to make sure that it was of the best quality.

And I finally get to say it is!

So what is it?  Well, I’ve always spoken about the importance of not just having your images digitally.  Photographs should be printed, or presented and most definitely shared.  Which is why I put such a high emphasis on albums and having all images printed.

We do supply a massive range of wedding albums, but the Legacy Box is a little different.

The Legacy Box opens up to reveal a matching interior, contains a beautifully printed album and a matching USB card.  This can be completely personalised and there are lots of linen, faux leather covers to choose from, and all can be personalised with your names your date.

we can have some fun with this album to, because of the way that this wedding album is printed, it can be designed with different finishes on the pages (metallic pages are perfect for your dance shots, for example).

The album is stunning, extremely well printed and expertly bound and you’ll have a choice of print finishes from matt rag to metallics throughout the album.

It’s available in two sizes, 10 x 10 inch and 12 x 12 inch, and you can have up to 60 pages, so enough to show off your wedding images perfectly.

There are some REALLY interesting cover options too.  You can have leatherette, but we absolutely love the Linen Duo covers, and you can have one colour combination for the outside of the box and one for the inside.  Who said wedding albums had to be boring?  Please do get in contact if you’d like to see some cover options.

And as usual, I do not rely on pre-designed templates.  Every wedding album I design is bespoke and as individual as your wedding.  The wedding album design process takes a little longer, but I believe it’s worth it!

For more info or to see this beautiful wedding album combo, then get in contact by using the form below, or hitting our contact us page.