Styled Shoot

Are you a creative wedding industry professional?

Do you understand the benefits that come with contributing on a styled shoot?

If so, then we should talk.


I am in the process of organising a styled shoot at a gorgeous wedding venue and I hope to shoot in either September or October 2019.

What will we achieve from our styled shoot?

What we definitely won’t achieve is the standard wedding style shots that always happen from a styled shoot, even with the best intentions.

What I will be aiming for is a huge variety of editorial style images that you would expect to see in a magazine, highlighting ALL our services.  I want this styled shoot to look good, but also tell a story, so it could be used in a publication.  The edited images will be available to use on different formats.  By a styled shoot, I mean a VERY stylish shoot, that not only looks great, but can be used to fully promote all our services.

I also plan on having a lot of behind the scenes video footage taken, perfect for Youtube and FB pages…  Showing YOUR clients your creativity.

We will have a contributors meeting to ensure that every ones needs and expectations are planned for, every contributor has got to benefit from this.

When will we hold this shoot?

Well, ideally I’d like to shoot in late March or early April, and on either a Wednesday or Sunday – but this depends on all the other contributors as well as the venue.

Do I pay? Do I get paid?

This will be on a TF* basis (Time For), which means that all contributors will giving their time and their services for free… and will receive images with usage rights for you to use in print, or social media advertising.  There are exceptions, and in some styled shoots the only people that do receive payment are the sometimes the models.  We need to ensure that the models are professional, and turn up, however, if they do receive a fee, then they don’t get to use the images for their personal use.

What do you / we need?

Well, I’ll be brining along an assistant and a very talented bridal hair and make-up artist.  There’s a HUGE shoot list so the day will be planned.

But I am currently looking for the following:

  • Florist – We will need a bouquet, button hole as well as possible a bridal floral hair piece.
  • 1 Adult male model
  • 1 Adult female model
  • A gorgeous, sumptuous, elegant venue – I am currently in talks with two venues.
  • Bridal hair and make-up artist – DONE
  • A pro-active bridal gown boutique – we will need one of your gorgeous dresses and ideally someone to help with the styling – I PROMISE you’ll have fun.
  • Poss a vintage car.

How can we use the images and for what?

We are going to go very social media with this styled shoot and if you take part, you’ll need to Instagram, you’ll need to Fb the shoot as well as blog – personally, I am aiming for at least four blog posts from this styled shoot.  We will all cross promote through multiple platforms thus gaining the most from the styled shoot.  I am also hoping to get this featured in a publication (wedding blog and a magazine).

Also, my intention is to have lots of ‘Behind the Scenes’ video footage taken, so I hope that you’ll all prepare (and practice) a short pitch for the camera.  This footage can be used on your FB page, Youtube page and throughout your blogs/site.

This shoot has got to benefit all of us, so we will form a marketing strategy around this shoot.


Interested?  I hope so – Contact me via email at: or contact me via this link