Our Signing Mounts Are The Best Way For Family & Friends To Share Their Best Wishes On Your Wedding Day

And they are included within your engagement shoot!

We think that our signing mount are much better than your usual wedding signing book.  They look stunning, have a real ‘wow’ factor at your wedding because they feature a gorgeous shot of you both… and they are such a great reminder of your wedding day and all those that shared it with you.

Your pre-wedding images and wedding photographs deserve to be displayed, shown and shared.  We believe we have perfected the art of your wedding image presentation.

And the best news is that a signing mount and a professionally printed photograph are included within your pre-wedding / engagement shoot.

Here’s a little more info:

Engagement signing mount with signatures

Signing Mounts

Better than a Guest Book!

Our Signing Mounts are so impressive and look stunning and we think they are the best way for your family and friends to share their best wishes on your wedding day.


  • More impressive than a guest book
  • A real focal point at your venue
  • Included within your pre-wedding or engagement shoot
  • Available in lots of sizes
  • Image can be replaced later and a wedding shot inserted
  • We’ll look after the mount at the venue
  • We do everything, so you don’t have to worry

What Are Signing Mounts

Our signing mounts feature a mounted image (usually from your pre-wedding shoot), where the mount can have best wishes and messages written on during your wedding day.  Your family and friends will be encouraged to come over and write on the mount board.

Why Bother With Signing Mounts?

Don’t get us wrong, we love guest books… But a signing mount is a brilliant way to gather friends’ and family’s best wishes on your wedding day.  And they are always visible as our clients like their mounts so much that they get them framed and displayed in their homes.

What Sizes can We Have our Mount In?

Our signing mounts come in many different sizes, but we try and keep them to the standard frame sizes.  That way you don’t have to have a bespoke frame made, you can simply buy one of the shelf and frame your gorgeous mount at home.  We recommend this company for frames as their customer service has always been brilliant.  BEST4FRAMES.  www.Best4Frames.co.uk

If you are looking for a bespoke, special frame, then we can also help with bespoke framing.

Our standard size of mount is A1 – with an image of about 18 x 12 inches, giving you a lovely mount space for all those messages.

What Do We Have to Do – We’re Already Busy!

That’s okay, if you book me to shoot your wedding, and have a pre-wedding shoot done, you’ll get a signing mount included.  And at your wedding I bring an easel, some nice pens, a little sign and try and encourage as many guests as possible to come over and sign your mount.  At the end of the day, I wrap it up and hand it over to a trusted adult to look after for you.

Choose a favourite image from your pre-wedding or engagement shoot and it will be professionally printed and displayed in your custom mount, ready for your guests to sign on your wedding.

any questions about your signing mount, your pre-wedding shoot or wedding photography, then just get in contact using the form below, or email us at:  studio@juanmuino.com


Any questions about signing mounts or engagement shoots, then drop us a line or come and visit my studio... or let's have a chat on the phone and find out what you want from your wedding photography.

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What sizes are the signing mount?

You can have any size mount you like. But the typical size is A1 (594 x 841 mm) with an image of about 18 x 12 inches, giving your guests plenty of space to sign and share their best wishes.

What happens to the signing mount at the end of the day.

Two things can happen to your signing mount.

A: I'll wrap it up in brown paler and leave it with a trusted guest/relative. The signing mount are always a standard size, so you can simply get a gorgeous frame of the shelve for it. OR...

B. I'll take it way and look after it and have it framed for you.

It's entirely up to you;.

Do we have to have a pre-wedding / engagement shot in our signing mount?

It's lovely to have 'an image' in your mount for people to see during your wedding. But, we can always swap it for a wedding image after your wedding.

Do you look after the mount on the day

Yes, I work very hard to ensure that no one writes (or draws) any 'too' funny on your mount, and usually your quests will be very well behaved... But I am also photographing all the fun parts off your wedding day, so I can't guarantee that your sining frame will be as treasured as we would treasure it.

I also do a little bespoke sign for your guests, explaining what to do with the frame.

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