A Stunning Sheene Mill Wedding featuring Ashley and Freddie

I was always positive that Freddie and Ashleys Sheene Mill wedding was going to be perfect in every way.  Not only did it feature the loveliest couple ever, but this was a Sheene Mill Wedding – and they tend to be pretty spectacular.

This wedding was always going to be stunning, it was always going to be relaxed… there was always going to be thee most amazing dancing and there was always going to be glam!

And that morning when I knocked on the bridal suite’s door and Freddie opened it I instantly felt welcomed and that I was with friends.

There was a lot going on in the bridal suit, but most of all there was a sense of calm and lots of laughter.  Freddie already looked absolutely stunning, and that was even before her prep had started.  Her mum, who ought to be a wedding planner, made certain that all went smoothly.

I’d already photographed Ashley and Freddie’s pre-wedding shoot, as well as a studio shoot for them… But this was their wedding day was the exciting part.


This is the sign that greets all at a Sheen Mill Wedding

Here’s how their day went!

The Bridal Prep

Bride and her bridesmaids getting ready at Sheen Mill Wedding


Stunning bride getting ready at the bridal suit at a Sheen Mill Wedding


Sheen Mill Wedding - bride is dressed and ready for her wedding day

Groom and his groomsmen standing at their Sheen Mill Wedding

Groom walking and laughing as he buttons his waist coat

A Sheene Mill Wedding Ceremony

Bride and groom standing getting married in the pagoda at Sheene Mill


Bride and groom looking towards each other at their wedding at Sheene Mill


Bride and Groom's first kiss as they are announced married, sheen mill


Bride and groom walking through their guests as they throw confetti

The Groupings & Portraits

Entire bridal party formal shot at Sheen Mill Wedding


image showing the back of the bridal party's dressed, with bride looking back.


Groom and rathe rlaughing at Sheen Mill Wedding  Bride and groom looking towards each other during their formal portraits

The Party

Two people dancing at Sheen Mill Wedding


Two ladies dancing and having fun at Sheen Mill Wedding


Groom spinning his bride during their first dance.


Party guest dancing Sheen Mill Wedding


Night time shot of bride and groom in the pagoda at Sheen Mill photographed by JuanMuino.com


And just as the rain started late into their evening, I managed to persuade F&A to come out once more with me for their show stopper wedding images.  even at night, Sheene Mill looks absolutely standing.

Thank You

So a huge thank you goes out to Ashley & Freddie and their amazing supporting cast, of family and friends.

And a thank you to the amazing Sheene Mill, a truly stunning, elegant venue with a totally professional team making sure every wedding is perfect.

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