Recommended Wedding Suppliers – Here’s The Truth

If you are planning your wedding, looking through a recommended wedding suppliers list ‘can’ help you get the perfect suppliers easily and quickly.

Usually, all the suppliers on the list have worked together, know each other, and most importantly are true wedding professionals and passionate about what they do.  You can plan your wedding in one easy click.

As a professional wedding photographer, I am lucky enough to be on to be on the recommended suppliers list to some amazing venues in the area.

And I am truly grateful to the other suppliers that recommend me to their clients.  I never, for one second, take that for granted. I would never want to let a client down, but especially if that client came from a recommendation from another professional colleague.

But Should They REALLY Be Recommended Wedding Suppliers?

Becoming a recommended supplier to either a wedding venue or any other wedding colleague is a partnership.

But just lately, I have seen a rise in certain suppliers (and I am saddened to say it’s mainly wedding venues), that charge the supplier to be on their ‘recommended wedding suppliers’ list.  Either as a one off payment, or a percentage of sales.

My problem with this is that the clients may not be getting the most appropriate or best suited wedding supplier for their day.  Instead they are getting someone who has paid for that recommendation.  The other issue I have is that this could be construed as being miss-leading to the client, unless it is made completely clear to them that the suppliers have paid a fee.  Sadly, It’s not usually made clear that the suppliers have had to pay.

All wedding clients want to book the best supplier they can for their date, and do trust the recommendations they get.  Trust… You trust us.

Of course, there are times when we do pay, for example for advertising or to be included in directories such as  Bridebook,  But then there is a transparency with some blogs and directories, and the viewers / potential brides understand that this is a paid partnership.

But Is It Sour Grapes?

Hmmm… No.

As I mentioned, I am privileged to be recommended by some amazing wedding venues in the area.

Even though some venues may not have me on their recommended suppliers list, you’ll still see blogs featuring them, as well as see their Venue Portfolio, over on my portfolio page.  If I feel that a client would love a particular venue, then I will promote the venue to them, regardless of the relationship I have with them.

And this is because I am only here to serve you, my clients.  The people that put their trust in me to produce the best images and give the very best service I can on their wedding day.  There’s that ‘trust’ word again!

So to potential clients, do take the advice of your suppliers. But if you are given a recommended wedding supplier list, just ask just one question… Do the suppliers on that list pay to be included?  You should know.  And if they do pay, at least  you’ll be in a position to make a better decision on who you want at your wedding.

Just today (10th March 2021) I ‘declined’ the offer to be a recommended supplier at a venue, as it would have involved me having to pay to be on that list.  It’s no skin of their nose, as someone else will say yes to their fabulous offer.  But it just didn’t feel right to me, and to my potential clients.

Here’s My Recommended Wedding Suppliers List

I recommend other suppliers carefully because my reputation can depend on it.  My criteria is:

  1. Have I worked with them many times before?
  2. Would they be a great fit with my clients?
  3. Would I have them at my wedding?
  4. Are they as passionate about what they do as I am?

Here’s a quick example… I’ve see a venue decorator have a ‘discussion’ with the event coordinator at a hotel because the carpets hadn’t been vacuumed properly for their clients.  You want people like this on your wedding team (details on the suppliers list).

You can visit my Recommended Wedding Supplier List, and wedding friends, here.

As always, contact me with any questions, feel free to leave any comments, thoughts rants and raves below and many thanks for making it this far!

Remember, love your wedding suppliers!  They love what they do, and want you to have the best day ever!

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Author’s Bio:  Juan Muino is a professional wedding photographer based in Cambridge, UK.  Undertaking wedding adventures throughout the UK as well as destination weddings.