You are… My perfect wedding photography client.

Lately I’ve been doing loads of training and looking at my business from within (you see, you can teach an old dog new tricks).   And I’ve been asked to define my ‘perfect wedding photography client’ several times.  You know, their age… their jobs, their interests, their income etc.

But how boring and clinical is that?  You see I define my perfect client in many different ways, ways that empower me to be a better wedding photographer and make me so glad that I do what I do.

For example, my perfect wedding client laughs.  They are happy, they are in love and they are sooooo excited about their wedding (almost as excited about it as me).

They appreciate photography, they like art and know what they want and more importantly are happy to tell me and to work with me.

My perfect client emails me back at weird times and asks random questions about all sorts of things from the best magician for their wedding, to who should video their special day.

They get excited about a pre-wedding shoot and ask me what I think they should wear.

They bring a tonne of wedding photography ideas and are never afraid to try new things out.

My perfect wedding clients never get annoyed or inpatient when I ask for just one more photograph, they encourage that sort of crazy behaviour.

My perfect wedding photography clients are really, really demanding, because they want to have the best wedding ever.

We meet loads of times; we do a venue visits.

I get to find out how they met and what really annoys each about each other.

I find out how he proposed.

I see the dress before he does.

My perfect clients and I hug it out at the end of the wedding day, and I get to feel really sad that their day is almost over.

When I edit their pictures, I hardly ever swear, I smile and laugh instead and I excitedly show Fiona, my amazing wife, their images first.

My perfect clients sometimes email me from their honeymoon… and I sometimes email them whilst they are away.

I never take them for granted, because I know they could have chosen a million other wedding photographers over me, but in the end, they did choose me.

It doesn’t matter where my perfect clients fall in social and economic circles, and what marketing matrixes they fit into.  I don’t care where they studied, and what they do for a living.  Because my perfect clients are just that.  Perfect.

And those clients are more than just a client to me, I hope you know that.

Dedicated to you all:  Kayleigh (I miss you at every wedding), Tom, Karl ( I get why she married you), Jess, Sian and Jamie (best hugs ever), ‘K’, you looked stunning, even though you didn’t believe me…

And to you, the ones I get to shoot in 2020, 2021 and 2022 (Katie, I cannot wait, not long now!).  Becca and Mike… Soon, we’re nearly there.

To be my perfect wedding client, click here and let’s have a cuppa… and a chat about your wedding day.

And from the depths of my heart, to you, my perfect clients, thank you SO much.  I have the BEST job ever!




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