Our lovely wedding galleries and the way we present them to you just got a whole lot better.

And we’re very excited about it…


So, we are always trying to improve our wedding photography service, and how we present your gorgeous images to you in your wedding galleries.  And we also wanted to improve how you are able to share your wedding gallery with those that matter the most to you, your family and friends.

Which is why we’ve been investing our time effort and efforts and now are over the moon to introduce our new client portal, gallery proofing and sharing service.

Great!  But so what, everyone does nice wedding galleries?

Well, your images will look even more stunning on our new platform.

You’ll be able to hide the ones you don’t want to share.

You’ll be able to immediately download your wedding images in high resolution – not web sized versions as offered by others.

And, you’ll be able to EASILY make your wedding album selections.

But MOST importantly, your family and friends will love your gallery and images.

Okay, but what else?

Glad you asked… I wanted to improve the whole experience for you, so now your images will be presented in sections, think of them as chapters to the best day of your life.  You’ll get your own mini-website, dedicated to you.  Your wedding images will be in sections:  The Details.  The Prep.  The Ceremony.  The Groupings.  The Portraits.  The Reception & my favourite… The Party.

We think that viewing lots of amazing images is much easier this way.  But, if you want them all in just one section, then we can do that too.  It’s up to you.

Anything else?

Wait until you see the shop!  We are always super excited to introduce new products and services, and the online shop not only looks stunning, as it features your images automatically, but it’s soooo easy to use.

And remember, you can instantly download your images in full resolution, but you will also get the images in full res and standard res in a stunning KeepSake Folio Box, designed just for you.

Screenshot showing our lovely new client proofing gallery, this images shows a montage of wedding detail images.

To find out more and how to use your new wedding gallery, just click here.

To see a real gallery, just click here.