Come for coffee & some inspiration

Visit our studio, and look though some albums, cuddle a dog... drink some coffee (wine) and let's hear about your wedding day.

Welcome to our studio - dogs optional!

I’m so lucky to have a studio and it’s the perfect space for you to come and look through some wedding albums, discuss your wedding day and look through lovely wedding pictures.

Although I also use this space for photographing portraits, commercial images as well as head shots for actors, it’s usually occupied by me editing wedding images and by the occasional dog warming up in the sun.

You can probably guess that I LOVE my studio space!  And if you have a love for all things vintage, with a little industrial inspired furnishings, dusty brick backdrops and the occasional G&T, then I’m sure you’ll love it too.

Weddings are so personal.  So DO meet your photographer, chat through your day and what you both want and lets work together to get you the best wedding shots ever!

Initial meetings take about an hour and half (coffee and tea only)… to a few more hours if wine/G&T’s are involved.

Our initial meetings are never a hard sell!  And if you meet a photographer that is pushing for that sell, then maybe look elsewhere.  You’ll know the right photographer for you when you meet them.  It’s like finding the perfect venue, or finding that perfect wedding dress.  You’ll know.

Our dogs are only invited, if you love dogs too… if not, don’t worry, I’m not that keen on them sometimes, and they belong to me!

So, when you are ready, just email me or use the form below to book your initial, no pressure, inspiration packed meeting and let’s find out what you both want from your wedding photography.

Any questions?

Let's find out about your wedding day!

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