Group of sports cars at a recent wedding

An ode to petrol

The wedding car.

A wedding photographer’s admiration for the (not so) humble wedding car.

Despite driving a car that (apparently) is favoured by dentists and serial killers (seriously), I’m actually quite a petrol head. 

I love cars, especially fast shinny ones which I am never really going to afford…and if I did, would make me single within minutes.

So I always get really excited when the wedding car arrives.  Usually, you hear the car approaching from a 1000 yards away.  It’s usually a V8, it’s usually old and finely tuned and ALWAYS loved by the driver.

The old wedding cars just help remind us how amazing driving would have been 40, 50 or even 70 years ago. 

As a wedding photographer I get to squeeze  / sit comfortably in the front passenger seat whilst the bride and father get driven to the church or ceremony location.

The seats are huge, comfortable rich leather sofas.  The cars usually are awash with the most gorgeous teak dash boards, littered with gauges with needles that really do bounce around.  I am sure you could knock at the dials and the needles would change (just like the old fighter pilots would do when the didn’t trust the instruments).

And my admiration goes out to the owners of such gorgeous vehicles.  They are a labour of true dedication.  They make every bride’s arrival special and the drivers are always gentlemen, who navigate the country roads and lanes with the dignity that their cars reflect.

So of course, the header shot is a picture of a collection of some of the most desirable vehicles ever made, which all turned up at a recent wedding and which is why I was politely asked to move my vicar’s vehicle away from the main house 😉  And of course I would love to drive any one of these, but my respect still goes out to the most beautiful and special cars ever made and for the Chauffeurs that ensure the bride arrives in style, and in good time…rain or shine.

I’ve worked with Cambridge Wedding Cars on about 12 weddings now.  They have thee best collection of stunning cars in Cambridgeshire, from luxury to quirky, from exotics, to timeless elegance.  So what ever your wedding vibe is, they’ll have the car to match it, to ensure you get to your ceremony in absolute style.  But what sets these guys apart if their dedication to ensuring their brides and grooms have the best journey ever, and nothing is too much trouble for the drivers.  They will wait.  They will move their cars to ensure we get some lovely pictures and they do this without rushing.

This post is in part dedicated to one of this year’s grooms, Dean, because if I did have the keys to any of the above, you’d be able to borrow one with absolute pleasure.

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And don’t forget the groom should also arrive in style, so why not choose one for your self (But not the QuatroPorte – that’s going to be mine).

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