Natural Wedding Photographs

Natural Wedding Photographs

Natural Wedding Photographs And Why They Should Be Part Of Your Wedding Coverage

Trust me, you need natural wedding photographs, and here’s why.  Wedding Photography can date so easily.  I’ve been a professional wedding photographer for a very long time, which means that I have seen every style of wedding photography come and go.  My ultimate goal is to produce a stunning collection of beautiful, natural wedding photographs for you.  So that in twenty years time, your images will look artistic, and not dated.

Make Up artist working on flower girls natural wedding photographs are my speciality. This shot is in black and white.

What’s Your Style…?

I photograph in a natural, relaxed way.  I want your photographs to look like people are having fun, so that the images reflect your wedding day.  My style has been described as filmic,  but the truth is that I photograph in many styles during your wedding photography coverage.  And by that I mean that some images will be reportage, candid, whilst others will be stylishly posed.  But ALWAYS fun!.  Weddings are fun, and full of laughs and love.  And THAT’s what I try and capture throughout your day.

Do you Photoshop…

Yes, but your images will not be overly processed, or heavy filters used.  That way you images won’t date… Your hairstyle might, but at least your wedding images will look timeless, artistic and you’ll be proud to share them.

But What About The Group Shots

I still feel that there is a place for group shots, but even these can be done in such a way that they feel as natural as possible.  I work very hard to ensure that the group shots, although posed, feel natural, and fun.

Groom and Best man having fun, demonstrating natural weddin gphotographs, by Cambridge wedding photographer

How Do You Get Natural Wedding Photographs

That’s easy… I get you all druk, then you just don’t care!  No, that only happened once… I usually just use my terrible dad jokes, charm, and professionalism to ensure we get the best shots that look real, that feel natural and are tieless.

Most are anxious about having their photographs taken. I understand that, being told to stand there and look natural is just not a normal thing to do.  I’ve been photographing people for a very long time and have become very good at making you look relaxed in front of the camera.  So please don’t worry, as that’s my job.  Your job is to simply enjoy your wedding and have the best day ever.

But you could choose to have a pre-wedding shoot.  apart from getting a collection of lovely, environmental style portraits of the both of you,  you’ll also get used to being in front of the camera.

Need a videographer that specialises in Natural Wedding Coverage, then you should contact Ed Bray.

About Your Wedding Photographer

I’m Juan Muino, and although Spanish, I have lived in the UK all of my life.  I’ve been a professional photographer for over 20 years, specialising in wedding photography for the last ten years.  come and visit my studio, and let’s have a chat about your wedding plans.


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