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Modern wedding Photography featuring guests at a wedding at the Orange, Holland Park, having a glass and laughing

What’s Your Wedding Vibe?

The style of your wedding, whether you are looking for modern wedding photography or a traditional, festival, boho feel is  such a subjective thing.  And when it comes to wedding photography, the style of the photography should reflect the style of your day.  More importantly, should reflect you both.  There are a series of questions I ask my clients, to ensure we get the look and feel of your wedding photography just right.

For example, a Boho wedding photography style, would probably not suit a Top Tails and Coat kind off wedding. And we won’t go full on traditional, if what you want is unobtrusive, reportage style coverage.  As I’ve said before, it is VERY important that you tell your photographer what YOU want, and not let their diva egos dictate what you are having.

Wedding Photography Styles Come and Go

And in my 20 years of photographing weddings, I have seen so many styles come and (thankfully) go.  When I started out as a wedding photographer, I shot 120 images on ten rolls of film.  Mostly of forced, groups, with cheesy smiles.  Wedding photography back then was neither artistic or very natural.

And then something amazing started to happen to modern wedding photography.  It became all about telling the story of your day, in a truth full, emotive and artistic manner.  So that your wedding photographs would not only stand the test of time, but in 20 years time, they would endure the same emotions you felt on your wedding day.

What is Modern Wedding Photography?

Modern wedding photography isn’t just a style of wedding images, it’s an approach, it’s the look.  It’s most definitely the feel of the wedding images.  It can feel traditional, and yet be modern.

It can be a massive mix of styles, just as long as it is real, and natural.  Modern wedding photography shouldn’t be painful either.  No one likes having their photographs taken, especially on one of the most stressful and emotional days of their lives.  Which is why a modern wedding photographer will not orchistrate and rely in set up shots.  Instead, they will allow the moment to happen, rely on their experience to be in the right place at just the right time.  That way they  photograph the split second that holds so much emotion.

So, What Do We Ask For?

So, booking a wedding photographer can be so confusing.  To be honest, we hardly ever make it easy for our clients to book us. What makes sense to us, in terms of overly complicated wedding photography packages, with fancy names, only makes sense to the wedding industry.  i’ve tried to make booking me to shoot your wedding as easy as possible.

But if yo are not too sure where to begin, then simply think of the look and feel of your wedding day, you already know and can visualise what your venue will look like.  You probably already know what the colour scheme is going to be… and you most definitely know what YOU both like.  Meeting the photographer that can translate all of that into the feel of your wedding is actually quite easy.  And, just like when you knew that the venue was perfect for you, you will know that the photographer is the right fit.  You’ll just know.

Top FIVE TIPS in Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

  • Meet them, preferably in person
  • Look through complete albums and complete wedding galleries – this is the best way to see their style of work
  • Tell them what YOU want
  • Meet at leat three photographers – I hate to say this, but you should meet more photographers.
  • You have to get on – if in doubt, book and look elsewhere

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Here’s an in-depth article on what to ask your wedding photographer, before you book them.

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