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Well, being a wedding photographer is full of social contrasts.  

One minute you are surrounded by loads of happy, excited people witnessing their friends or relatives getting married at a gorgeous venue.  And the next day, you are sitting in your studio, getting slightly wound up by Jeremy Vine and wishing it was Gin o’clock already!

I’m so lucky.  My studio is sometimes filled with the most creative people, from models, MUA’s and arty people… and when it’s not, it’s filled with my dogs.

All they need is a hug, a pat (a huge amount of food) and the occasional sun streak to lie in.

They are my team.

One of my goals last year was to complete my studio re-build so that all four dogs and I could chill out together, on a quiet Sunday.

I know that must sound like a strange goal, but for me, that one goal represented so much.  And, unlike me, I actually managed to achieve that goal.

A Sunday afternoon, with some chilled out music in the background whilst the birds added their chorus, a G&T and four of my closest friends (George, Mabel, Ghillie and Harper the hound) sharing the studio was just heaven.

I have other team members, which I’ll introduce to you soon.  The amazing Jane S, my trusted second shooter.  Nicholas DG, colleague and trusted friend and Fiona (the real driving force behind Juan Muino Photography), who always annoys me by pushing me to never settle on an edit and to always try a different crop. 

But the four hounds… well, they make my studio what it is.  

When it’s a freezing workplace, they huddle around me.  When I have food, they huddle around me.  When I need them the most, they huddle around me.

I’ve written previously about loosing Elsa, my constant shadow and how that affected me.  

In June 2018 we lost another member of our family and team.  George (the dog on the far left of the header image).  He was Elsa’s best friend, he was Mabel’s shadow.  He was Harper’s chew toy… and he was Ghillie’s grandfather.

Lady and her dog on a dog walk

And at 14.5 years of age, he did really, REALLY well.  And having to say goodbye to him was the toughest thing Fiona and I had to do.

We miss George and I know that the other dogs miss him too.

It was a silly little personal goal; to have all four lying on the studio floor whilst I chilled out in my little studio.  But for me, it was an important one.

As I write this indulgent blog post, which really has nothing to do with wedding photography, weddings, brides and grooms, and probably will not help my SEO in any way, I am looking at my three dogs lying in the sun patches on my studio floor.  And I know that we are all having a little moment and missing our team member, George.

Thank you George, now go find Elsa!