I simply love a Longstowe Hall wedding.  It’s the type of venue that lends itself to every type off wedding from the grand, the quirky to the rustic, Boho inspired wedding.

And last June saw me returning to Longstowe Hall for the wedding of Jessica and Ben, and I couldn’t wait.

I became extremely fond of this couple, and had photographed their pre-wedding shortly before their amazing day.

Wow, their wedding was stunning; the weather was just perfect, and the day proceeded with almost military precision.  Although Ben is in the military, it was Jess and her mum’s amazing attention to detail and professional planning that made this wedding simply brilliant.

And also having Linda (Longstowe Hall’s brilliant wedding planner) helping always means that the day runs smoothly, and she always knows just the perfect time to catch the gorgeous reflections across the lake for the Longstowe iconic shot.

Thank you Linda!   She came and found me and with minutes to spare I got the header shot… And thank you to Jess and Ben who dropped everything and ran to the lake.  Perfect timing is one thing, but without a perfect wedding planners, this moment would have been missed.

I’ve written previously about the ‘not so formal’group shot, so another thanks goes out to the groom’s party and his friends.  Never have I had a group of guys stand to attention for the photographs.  Without a doubt, each and every member of the wedding party were respectful, polite and all put up with me directing them in the heat whilst they wore their uniforms.

Just as it became dark (about 9:30!), I saw a gorgeous shot in the parklands at Longstowe Hall, and amazingly Jess and Ben jumped to the chance for another quick shot, and here’s the result.

I then prepped for another shot late into the evening (11:00pm), and set up a tripod, a couple of flash guns and I waited for Jess and Ben to come out one more time, and photographed this shot of them, still looking elegant, with Longstowe Hall’s island in the background, lit by the stars (yes, they were there and not added in later).

All Longstowe Hall weddings are stunning, but this was one of those weddings that I didn’t want to end.  And my absolute gratitude goes out to Jess and Ben for allowing me to share their beautiful day, to the entire family and friends who continued to smile for me till the very end, and to Linda (top wedding planner) and to Mercedes for ensuring that Longstowe remains one stunning, beautiful and very well run wedding venue.

And should any one ever dare to try and marry my daughter, my only wish is that he be just like Ben.  He was a total gent throughout the entire day, and I could see just why his squadron hold him is such high regards.

I designed a little fotofilm of their Longstowe Hall wedding, and you can visit it here.

Venue:  Longstowe Hall

Longstowe Hall, Longstowe, Cambridge CB23 2UH

Celebrant:  The most loveliest Bex at White Rose Ceremonies

Wedding Band:  Swagger

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