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Let’s NOT smile for the camera – A wedding photographer’s guide to getting natural, relaxed and painless wedding images.

I’ve been a wedding photographer for a very long time… and although styles come and go, the one thing I hear almost at every wedding consultation is just how much everyone dislikes having their photograph taken.

And guess what, I cannot blame you.  To have some bloke point a huge camera in your face on one of the most important, momentous days of your lives and then to be told to relax and look natural, is not an easy thing to do.  Even when I photograph actors in my studio, people who are used to performing in front of a camera, they struggle too.

So, here are a few tricks, techniques and hints that may help you survive your wedding photographs without grinning like Chandler.

Prepare yourself (grooms, I’m mainly talking to you).  Your images are going to happen, my job is to get the best wedding images for you, but quickly.  It’s helpful if you can get this into your mindset… the photoshoot will be quick, and your photographs will last a lifetime.  Have a drink… take a deep breath, hold her hand and let’s just get these shots done.

Plan a pre-wedding shoot.  At the very least you’ll get to spend a few hours together and at best you’ll end up with a collection of images and get a feel of what to expect on your wedding day.  For more info on pre-wedding and engagement shoots, visit this link.

It’s okay NOT to look at the camera, in fact the most natural shots (and my favourite) are when the couples are not looking into camera.

Talk to each other whilst I am photographing you both, I suggest you look into each other’s eyes, and then talk about your shopping list.  Not sure why, but that always makes people smile.

Ignore me…  Please, just forget I am there.  I won’t get offended, and it will mean that when you see me hold my camera up, that’s your cue to smile and carry on chatting.  If you do this, we’ll get some lovely candid, reportage style images throughout the day.

And don’t worry.  Honestly, it’s not your job to worry about the wedding photography.  Your job is to have the best day ever and to enjoy every aspect of your wedding day (even the wedding photographs).  It’s my job to direct you to, so we can achieve the perfect images of your day.

My intention as your wedding photographer is not to disrupt your wedding day or to stress you out, my job is to capture your day and to tell the story of your wedding day naturally as it unfolds.

For more information on wedding photography, or what to ask your wedding photographer, visit this helpful guide.  The Ten Things to Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before You Book Them.

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Image at the top of this article was photographed at the gorgeous Granary Barns, and you can see more from this venue here.


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