Here’s why photographing Groom prep is so important.

Traditionally, the wedding photographer only concentrated one the Bride.  The Groom really didn’t get that much of a look in.  But groom prep shots are so important for many reasons.

Which is is so odd, as the wedding is also about the groom too.  And if your photographer is documenting the entire story of your wedding day, from start to finish, then not telling the Groom’s side of the day means that there is a huge part missing.

Of course, sometimes logistics just won’t allow me to get to the groom’s location as well as cover the bridal prep too.  In these cases I can send my second shooter / assistant to cove the prep or we can sometimes re-create the groom’s prep at the venue, which can be a little less daunting.  But on the whole, there is usually a twenty to thirty minute gap where I can shoot off and go and visit the groom’s party.

The other reason why I photograph as much of the Groom’s day as possible is because the Bride misses out on all of their prep too.  Apart from ensuring that the groom is up and about, my job as a wedding photographer is to try and fill all the missing bits that happen during a wedding for the bride and groom.

Your wedding plans should not be designed around your wedding photographer’s needs, but it is a good idea to have little think and maybe plan in a little time to allow your wedding photographer to go and photograph the groom’s prep too.

I’ve written previously about the importance of groom prep shots, so I just wanted to add a few of the latest groom prep shots taken throughout the last few seasons, just for a little wedding inspiration.

And a very big thank you to all the grooms that, despite having lots on their mind, still allow me to document their day too.  Nick, take note!

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