May 8, 2012 /

Five things you didn't know about me

  I've heard that we shouldn't see our clients at home...instead we should meet at a cafe, or at the studio.  But I don't mind having client meetings from home, because it allows my clients to g...


I’ve heard that we shouldn’t see our clients at home…instead we should meet at a cafe, or at the studio.  But I don’t mind having client meetings from home, because it allows my clients to get a little insight into my life…and I get to clean like mad before they arrive!  It’s a win-win situation.

Okay, so you have booked me to attend one of the most important days of you both your lives; surely we should get to know each other a little before the big day?  Which is why I encourage my clients to come and visit me at my office which is based at my home…If they are lucky, Fiona my wife would have been baking with Fin my daughter and they’d be goodies to try.

Fiona also helps out on my editorial shoots, she’s a very successful and very talented hair and make-up artist.  So she is always at hand to offer advice on the bride’s look over a cup of tea glass of wine.

Finley is 5 but going on for 25!  She’s bright, articulate and depending on where you stand, she will encourage you to have kids, or put you right off from ever having children!  We’re really glad she’s ours though.

And here are five things you don’t know about me:

  1. I’ve starred in (been an extra on) three James Bond Movies!!!  But blink and you would have missed me…But I also attended the wedding of Ross and Rachel in Friends.  They filmed that in the UK and I was a cast member.
  2. I love travelling and seeing the culture of Italy almost as much as I love scaring American tourists away with my sun burnt belly in Miami…Miami is my second home and I love the place – and miss it very much.
  3. I’ve had a very ‘eclectic’ career so far, photography always being my true passion…I’ve been a cruise ship photographer (Star Princess), I’ve been a scientific, an advertising, a fashion (and glamour) photographer, but never have I been happiest than when I’m allowed to photograph someone’s wedding day
  4. I LOVE business and administration; have a sad additiction to stationery and can speed read.
  5. I get really down if I spend a day without taking a photograph

So that’s it really – meet your (I hope) wedding photographer.

But as a lesson to ALL, whether it be in a cafe at their home, at YOUR home, at a studio, a library…anywhere…MEET you wedding photographer!  Your wedding will be stressful, do you honestly want a stranger walking around, or would you rather have another friend there to lend a hand, take your shots and offer a breath mint or a hanky?

I’m Juan Muino and I’m a professional wedding photographer based in Cambridge, but undertaking wedding adventures throughout the world!  Read a little more about me, here.