Man and woman walking along a tree lined avenue walking their horse, photographed in black and white
Black and white image of a couple huggings in long grass photographed during their pre-wedding shoot in Cambridge
A favourite shot in black and white from a pre-wedding shoot photographed in cambridge. Couple are leaning against a brick wall during their shoot.
One of our Signing mounts featuring a pre-wedding shot, from one of our engagement & pre-wedding shoots
Couple kissing in woods during their pre-wedding engagement shoot
Cambridge engagement shoot featuring a bride and groom
Couple walking along cobbled street .engagement shoots and pre-wedding shoots
Couple laughing during their engagement shoot cambridge, photographed in black and white by Cambridge wedding photographer

Looking for an engagement shoot photographer? Get a stunning collection of lovely, natural environmental portraits that you'll love to show and share. Now get a free signing mount included.

Here's why you should book your pre-wedding shoot.

Engagement & Pre-Wedding Shoots

Fancy a collection of really stylish, relaxed portraits?

Here’s what’s included:

  • Two hour shoot – No hurry and no limit to the images taken
  • Images professionally edited ensuring your images look perfect, are impressive so you’d be proud to share them and show them
  • Your own private gallery & slide show
  • You’ll get full res images with full printing rights – no hidden extras or surprises, print to your heart’s content
  • Social ready images – share them everywhere, show them all how it started
  • Now get a signing mount for your wedding.  Better than a guest book, our signing mounts are a real talking point


Engagement signing mount with signatures
Pricing Package Decorative Icon

Pricing: £300

Including a gorgeous signing mount, print as well as a stunning collection of timeless, elegant modern portraits you'll be proud to show off & display.

Thinking of booking an engagement or pre-wedding shoot?

We'd love to hear from you!

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Studio based in Cambridgeshire

Engagement Shoot Photographer

Couple walking along cobbled street .engagement shoots and pre-wedding shoots

Looking for an engagement shoot photographer?

Here’s what makes our engagement shoots and pre-wedding shoots so special.

Engagement shoots and pre-wedding shoots, call them what you will, but our couples’ shoots are designed to be relaxed, fun and painless!

I’m Juan Muino, an engagement shoot photographer based in Cambridgeshire, UK.

Book of of our engagement shoots or pre-wedding shoots and spare a few hours, go for a walk together (let me tag along)… and  promise you’ll get a stunning collection of relaxed, modern portraits of you both.  The type of images that you’ll share on social, or display in your home.

Imagine, professional, lifestyle environmental portraits that aren’t selfies and where you both look amazing in?  That’s exactly what you’ll get by booking one of our engagement shoots or pre-wedding shoots.

But I Hate Having my Picture Taken!

As an engagement shoot photographer, I hear this a lot.  The thought of having photographs taken is a nerve racking, stress inducing affair.  That’s perfectly normal!  It’s my job to pose you, to relax you and to ensure that your shoot is as painless and fun as it can be.  Leave it to me, and we’ll end up getting the coolest shots of you both.  Let’s get an engagement shoot or pre-wedding shoot, and I promise you’ll feel more relaxed during your wedding pictures too.

Hold The Cheese!

Get an impressive collection of natural, stylish images from our engagement shoots and pre-wedding shoots.  But without the forced grins and cheesy posses. Although we’ll do close ups, mostly I’ll be a little way away from you just photographing you both chatting, smiling and hopefully laughing.

Our guarantee is that you’ll receive a collection of natural images that capture the real you, that would look equally awesome on Facebook or printed and displayed on your wall as wall art – or your MONEY BACK and you’ll still get to keep your images!  

Okay, We’re Listening

Choose a location that’s special to you both and we’ll schedule a few dates (just in case it rains) and that’s it. Booking me to shoot your couples session is easy!  Availability throughout the week, including sunset shoots.  Bring yourselves, bring a pet…. bring the kids. Here’s our handy guide to what to expect from your pre-wedding shoot or couples session.

Our engagement shoots and pre-wedding shoots now come with a gorgeous signing mount and professionally printed image.  Which means that your family and friends can share their best wishes on your wedding day (It’s like a guest book, but awesome!).  You’ll also get a private online gallery, where your engagement shots can be downloaded at full resolution.  Our new style galleries look stunning.  We can’t wait to show you how your shots will look like in your gallery.

It’s Just Not Enough

Hair, Make-up, Cameras, ACTION! The FULL Couples Session Experience.

For those clients that want the full on experience, including a a professional hair and make-up artist, a Complete pre-wedding couples shoot lasting 4+ hours and a slideshow all presented in a gorgeous couples’ session Legacy book, then do we have an offer for you!  But  you need to drop us a line and get in contact.

What’s Next?  Book Your Engagement Shoot Photographer.

I’d love you to have a pre-wedding or engagement shoot.  Just get in contact using the form below, and let’s have a chat.  Alternatively, we can have a Zoom chat, if you prefer –



Where do we shoot our engagement shoot?


Sadly, I am kidding... We'll shoot your engagement shoot where ever you'd like to (within reason). I can make suggestions, but as long as there lovely backgrounds, trees and foliage work well, then we are good to go.

We can also shoot your pre-wedding along the North Norfolk Coast, but we would need to book that well in advance.

Click here to have a look though the engagement and pre-wedding portfolio

What do wear to our pre-wedding shoot?

That's a great question... I usually say avoid whites or loud patterns and huge logos. Apart from that wear what ever you know you look great in. Some couples dress up for their pre-wedding shoot... other's just go smart casual. It's up to you.

Click here to have a look though the engagement and pre-wedding portfolio

Can we print from the images you supply?

Yep, I absolutely encourage you to print from the high res files. These are your images, so I never put a logo/watermark on your files. You can print directly from your gallery or simply take the files to your local printers.

Click here to have a look though the engagement and pre-wedding portfolio

Can we get an album from our pre-wedding shoot?

Oh yes! I do a gorgeous Legacy box album, presentation case with a matching USB in a range of sizes. I'd recommend you'd go for a gorgeous 20cm x 20cm album, and it will be designed just for you both.

Click here to have a look though the engagement and pre-wedding portfolio

Do we want a signing mount?

YES! You'll get a signing frame (usually A1 size), with a gorgeous print. If I am attending your wedding, I'll bring an easel, special pens and make sure as many of your family and friends sign it too.

Definitely go for the signing mount - trust me, you won't regret it.

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How long is an engagement shoot or pre-wedding shoot?

I never put a time limit to how long an engagement shoot takes... Typically, we'll have a 2 hour walk, which is more than enough time to get some lovely images.

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When do we shoot our pre-wedding or engagement shoot?

Usually on a Sunday or mid-week. I have very limited availability fin Saturdays as I'm usually at a wedding.

But I WILL do al I can to work around your schedules.

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What if it rains on our engagement shoot?

We move it to Florida! Again, I am STILL joking.

What I usually do is book three potential dates for your engagement shoot and then keep a keen eye on the weather. My equipment and I do not mind photographing in the rain, but I want to make your pre-wedding shoot as fun as possible. And dragging you both around on a wet day might not be your idea of fun.

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we've already booked our photography, but they don't do pre-wedding shoots.

What!!! You didn't book me? :)

That's okay, I understand. And I'd love to shoot your pre-wedding or engagement shoot. Stand alone prices for a pre-wedding shoot is £300 and you still get a full gallery as well as your images in full resolution and standard resolution too.

Click here to have a look though the engagement and pre-wedding portfolio

We've got kids/ a horse/ a dog/ a Lama... can we bring them along?

Absolutely. It's called a pre-wedding shoot or an engagement shoot... but usually it's really a family shoot. Bring your kids and we'll include them in some shots.

You can bring any pets along too (except Swans... I have a thing about swans).

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