Your wedding doesn't end after the first dance... And neither does my service.

Some of my most favourite and memorable shots happen the moment your guests forget that I exist.  The pressures of the wedding day are over… there may have been a few glasses of Prosecco consumed and although all are exhausted, the dance floor beckons, the light show is fantastic and the music is just perfect.

Most wedding photographers leave just after your first dance, and I do completely understand why.  However, I am fascinated with documenting your full day.  From bridal prep, to the last dance, which is why I stay on after your first dance.  You’ll find me on the dance floor stealthily (not really) moving among the best dancers in the world, your family and friends.

By then your guests don’t care about me, I’ve mingled all day and have spoken to most of your guests (maybe flirted with some) and enjoyed your amazing wedding with them.  At this stage of your wedding, your guests accept me, ignore me and some even try and dance with me (usually slightly drunk Ushers for some weird reason).  So I am allowed to shoot what I see, your guests partying and having thee best fun ever.  Why would I want to miss this?

And those shots tend to be epic!  

Many of those shot stay not make it into your album, they definitely won’t make it onto wall art, but that’s not the point of photographing the dance shots.  These wedding photographs end the story of your day in such a joyful way.  I tend to design a huge spread in your album contains the best of the dance shots, and never has that page not made my clients smile.  And don’t forget, you both get to embarrass your guests for years to come too.

So, who ever you get to shoot your wedding, ask them to stay, even if that involved a little extra on the bill.  You won’t regret these shots; you will smile when you see them and your day gets perfectly documented.

Oh, and if I may offer a tiny bit of advice, don’t ‘Vogue’, it just looks weird, even when ‘Her Madgeness’ did it, it looked weird.  But do dance like there’s no-one there and bust out those moves!

This post is dedicated to all those amazing bridesmaids and the mother of the brides’, that kick of the tight shoes and still find the energy to dance your wedding away and to those accountants/architects/solicitors/doctors that turn into the best dancers ever. X

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