I simply LOVE a Chippenham Park Wedding!  Every time I pull up though the gates at Chippenham Park, I get so excited because every wedding I’ve ever shot there has been epic and has allowed me to produce some lovely wedding photographs.

Chippenham Park has to be my most favourite of venues, and it’s the kind of house that I honestly thought I’d be living in may now.

And I think that’s what makes this place special.  Apart from the ancient roses, the outstanding and perfect grounds, the gorgeous lake and the imposing house, the owners of Chippenham Park make you feel so welcome, and Becky (the wedding planner) puts so much effort into your day so you will have an amazing wedding there.

I got to return to Chippenham Park for the wedding of Jacquie and Rhys in June 2018.  Through getting to know J&R I had absolutely NO doubt that this wedding was going to be very special… And it was!

Jacquie and Rhys wanted to have lots and lots of images, which was music to my ears and I’d planned their wedding photography meticulously.  Having photographed weddings at Chippenham Park many times before, I got to know when and where the best light would fall.

And so to this Chippenham Park Wedding.

Jacquie’s bridal prep was so relaxed, and held in what must be one other most gorgeous bridal suites ever, The Chippenham Park Bridal Suite.  Purely from a selfish photographer’s point of view, this suite is spacious, decorated in a subtle elegant way and just lends its self to being photographed.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t going to behave on this wedding, and Becky (the wedding co-ordinator at Chippenham) made a judgement call and moved the ceremony into one of the stunning rooms.  That’s the other great thing about Chippenham Park Weddings… There are so many places that you can have your ceremony, so even if we do have a typical summer, it won’t affect your wedding day.

Jacquie & Rhys said their vows to the background of a typical summer rain storm.  But the thing about the weather at Chippenham is that it tends to pass quickly, and I just knew that there would be some sun, just around the corner.

My approach to the formals is to try and make them look as natural and relaxed as possible… Most people aren’t used to be photographed and it’s a part of the day that they dread.  It’s the photographer’s job to make you feel at ease… You shouldn’t have to worry about this, especially on your wedding day.

Guests spilled out onto the grounds around the marquee, and (with permission), we went to the gorgeous bridge for a few more images.

I got to witness the best first dance ever!  Because J&R had been practicing and it it was brilliant!  I managed to get so many lovely photographs of the couple as they spun around the dance floor, like they were on Strictly!

And because I stay to the end of the celebrations, I also got to witness their family and friends dancing the night away (although not as on Strictly).

It was a perfect wedding, everything looked amazing, the favours, the decor, the running of the day (well done Becky!), but most of all the bride and groom, who didn’t stop smiling once!

And so a massive thank you to J&R who never once moaned about being taken out for ‘just one more’ shot, for their amazing smiles, their patience and their planning that meant this was one perfect day.

To Becky, Hugo and Becca and all the team at Chippenham Park, THANK YOU!  You have always made me feel so welcome.

Told you, all Chippenham Park weddings are epic!

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Wedding videographer:  David Grace at DG Pictures

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