Apart from the fact that Wayne Goodman, is one of the nicest people you could possibly meet, he’s an outstanding magician; the perfect way to keep your wedding guests entertained and enthralled whilst I crack on with those wedding pictures.

I met Wayne a while ago and I written and have spoken about how helpful the wedding suppliers were to me at my first wedding fair, in a previous post.

And I am lucky enough to count Wayne as a good friend.  So, I wanted to let you know about him and explain why you should invite him to attend your wedding and how he can make your amazing day even more memorable and special.

Wayne Goodman is an award winning close up magician.  He writes about magic, he teaches magic, he is highly respected within the magic societies and he is always doing magic.

What makes Wayne different to other magicians is the way he can mix and interact with your wedding guests, in a completely natural and a ‘banter filled’ fun way.

He is also a father, which is why he is so patiently good with kids, and they absolutely LOVE him.  All of a sudden, the kids aren’t running around destroying your wedding details, instead they are following him around watching the magic show.

This means that whilst I am working away photographing, Wayne is entertaining your guests, making them laugh and shocking them with his awesome magic tricks (when you meet him, get him to do the cross on the hand trick – wow).

And because we’ve worked together for some time now, I get to capture the best expressions on your guests’ faces when they realise that there really is such a thing as MAGIC!

I understand that (possibly because of the photographer 🙂 ) the wedding budget has gone over and there’s a million and one things to think about/remember/pay for… But what is important from your wedding is the feeling and the memories that your guests and loved ones take from your special day.  That’s the important stuff.  Book Wayne, your guests will love him – I promise.

You can see and read about Wayne, here.

He’ll also be exhibiting at lots of wedding fairs, contact him to find out where (and do ask to see the Cross Trick, don’t let him have you PIN number and check to make sure it’s your watch and your fiver when you leave).

and to find out more about my wedding photography service, simply visit this page.